What it is:

At the very least, wannabewise.com is a website dedicated to convincing people to have the pride of trying to being wise, and to helping them get there. Therefore, wannabewise aims to be the first step in this direction.

What it can be:

I hope wannabewise is the first step of a great MOVEMENT. The wannabewise movement of which we, one by one, will change the Holy Grail of the world.

It all depends on you. And it is very easy to help. Learn more here.

Sidney Mazzi

Professional investor, consultant, entrepreneur, and author.

I have worked for over a decade in finance, investments and business strategy for private equity funds, their portfolio companies and other businesses. Currently, I am the founder and director of Mazzi, a management consulting firm.

During my spare time, I enjoy studying the intricacies of the human mind. And, by authoring The Art of Hunting Humans – A radical and confronting explanation of the human mind, I took on the challenge of writing a book about psychology, self-knowledge and wisdom that is fun and easy to read.

Now, by creating wannabewise.com, I took the massive challenge of changing the world’s Holy Grail.

Born in Brazil, I currently live with my family in New Zealand.